गजल ही तो हो तुम

फ्रस्टेशन में लिखी हुई
तानों से भरी हुई
शायरों की कही हुई
आधी सी पूरी एक ग़ज़ल
ग़ज़ल ही तो हो तुम
उदासी से भरी हुई
फ़ुरसत में लिखी हुई
तीखी सी एक इतवारी ग़ज़ल
ग़ज़ल ही तो हो तुम
बेवक़्त कही हुई
अजनबियों से सुनी हुई
ख़ून से सनी हुई
आंसू के घूंट सी खट्टी ग़ज़ल
ग़ज़ल ही तो हो तुम
रूठ कर लिखी हुई
लाज से छिपी हुई
स्लेट पर मिटी हुई
एक बेटी को रोते देख
बाप के शक़्ल सी हारी ग़ज़ल
ग़ज़ल ही तो हो तुम
सत्ता में टिकी हुई
कम्युनिज्म से घिरी हुई
आइडियोलॉजी में फंसी हुई
मार्क्स के पिछले पन्नों पर लिखी हुई ग़ज़ल
ग़ज़ल ही तो हो तुम
इंकलाबी नारों से मिली हुई
फैज़ के लाइनों में कही हुई
कैंपस की दीवारों पर सजी हुई
शिवास रीग़ल के छठे पैग के बाद वाली ग़ज़ल
ग़ज़ल ही तो हो तुम
संवेदनाओं सी मरी हुई
फ़ेमिनिज़्म से भरी हुई
बैंक लॉकर में पड़ी हुई
टैक्स पेयर्स के ख़्वाबों से बहुत दूर
मंहगे शायर की हार्डकवर वाली मंहगी ग़ज़ल
ग़ज़ल ही तो हो तुम
गरीबों के जान सी सस्ती सी
बंबई के झोंपड़े वाली बस्ती सी
ट्रैफिक पर पैंसठ रुपए में बिकने वाली
सस्ते शायरों के पेट भरने वाली बेशकीमती ग़ज़ल
ग़ज़ल ही तो हो तुम
दंगों में लाशों सी बिछी हुई
रक़्त से सिंची हुई
न्यूज़ रिपोर्टर के कैमरे से खिंची हुई
देश के हालात बताती सच्ची ग़ज़ल…..

याद है?

याद है? पिछले साल कॉलेज से लौटते वक़्त,
जब यूं ही वक़्त बर्बाद करने को तुम मेरे साथ सड़कों किनारे बैठा करते थे..
जब हम ख़्वाब और मंज़िल का फर्क नहीं समझते थे..
जब जेब में पड़े चिल्लर बड़ी आसानी से हमारी भूख मिटा दिया करते थे..
जब शाम को दोस्तों की महफ़िल से आगे की खुशियों से हम अनजान थे..
जब एग्ज़ाम का रिज़ल्ट हमें दुश्मनों का हाल पूछने पर मजबूर कर दिया करता था..
जब लड़की का नंबर मिलने पर खुशी तुम्हारी दोगुनी हो जाती थी..
जब वापस जवाब न आने पर तुम मुझे पका दिया करते थे..
जब मेरे बहकते क़दमों को वापस घर तुम ले आते थे
जब बाहर रात गुजारने को तुम्हारी मम्मी से हम अर्ज़ियां लगाते थे..
जब तुम पन्ने गिन कर आते थे और हमसे बहस लड़ाते थे
जब हम तीनों के खाने का आधा तुम खा जाते थे..
जब शादियों में घुस के खाने में फ़ट तुम्हारी जाती थी
जब किसी के कुछ कह देने भर से नींद तुम्हें न आती थी
जाने कब अब वो “जब” आएगा
वक़्त भी होगा शाम भी होगी
हर कोई गप्पें लड़ाएगा……

Gandhi Ghat- narrative of flowing emotions ❤

What would be the perfect place for you to hangout- an eatery, a tranquil location, a religious and holy environment or a spot where you can find the younger lot? Well, Gandhi Ghat has it all for you!

If you think that Ghat is just another set of stairs erected along the river bank, you might be wrong.Gandhi Ghat- ghat with calmness, spirituality, placidness and enjoyment that surpasses the stress we hold within; Ask the locals and the visitors, everyone will tell you their own story. While some visit the Ghat to inhale the poise of Ganga, others come for sheer fun. For some ,it’s a place to chill and have fun, for others it is home. A place where they can breathe few moments free from their daily feverishness, a place where they can cry their depression out in solitude, or a place where they can live the best of the moments.

Due to its location behind the National Institute of Technology, it is also known as NIT Ghat. Whatever your mood is, Ghat always has something for you,like boating, eateries, or just sitting beside your someone special, immersed in endless talks.
The shops across the river at Diara island also gives you the facility of preparing food for your chicken party. You can provide them with the chicken and they will cook for you and your friends. Isn’t that amazing?

You can easily consider Ghat as a plot of narrative with different characters in it- chaiwalas, smokers, priests, young couples, women and men who come to wash their sins off, photographers(both professional and self proclaimed ), artists seeking their inspiration, and what not! Everyone seems to be busy in their own monologue.

As the sun travels West the comeliness of the Ghat increases; It comes to climax during sunset. The breathtaking sunset one feels at the Ghat is one of the indelible sunsets you can ever have.

As the darkness prevails the sky, lamps offered in Ganga Aarti enlighten the Ghat.
Ganga Aarti- the holy ceremony of worshipping mother Ganga is another virtue of this Ghat. A group of priests dressed in saffron robes ,offer a total of 51 lamps to the holy river. Aarti starts with the blowing Shankhs, purifying the ambience and continues with movements of lamps, making a pattern of OM. This ritual started in 2011 on the lines of Banaras and Haridwar.

As we are approaching Makar Sankranti ,you just can not stop buzzing about the famous Kite festival. Bihar tourism department organises Kite festival on the Diara island, on the occasion of Makar Sankranti every year.

As you can see the ongoing construction of Patna Marine Drive ,you can easily interpret that the allurement of Gandhi Ghat is only gonna improve with time. Whether it is newly built Digha Sonpur bridge on the left, or 35 years old Mahatma Gandhi Setu on the right, it only adds to the serene view from the Ghat and its pleasingness. This Marine Drive or Ganga Driveway will add to the charm of Gandhi Ghat and we only hope to see the Gandhi Ghat welcoming people with the same warmth even after 50 more years. This, mini Banaras, is a place to be, for every Patnaite.

My later half

If I kiss the death on her lips

What would you call me?

Dead or a lover?

What if death embraces me too?

Would I fear death or would I feel the warmth in her arms?

What if I genuinely fall in love with her?

Would she betray me too?

Or would she adorn my coffin and wait?

What if I make love with death?

Would she moan too?

Would she like it short and fast or long and passionate?

What if I satisfy death? 

Would she stop looking for other options then?

What if we feel asleep together on my bier? 

Would death wake me up in the morning by gently kissing on my lips or would she just move aside the curtains making way for the sunlight?

What if I don’t wake up to her?

Would I be alive or would I be a cheater?

What if I don’t get to meet death? Ever?

Would I be eternal or a celibate?

Do they know you?

I wonder what people see when they look at you.Do they see you for who you are?” Do they envy your smiling face? Or do they notice you dried tears in thy eyes? Do they praise your sense of humour? Or do they know that you’re hiding behind a clown? Can they feel what you’re going through every night? Or do you act better to hide yourself? Do they know you were up all night? Don’t they ask why you smile so often? Do they know that every time you smile you were constantly battling from your suicidal thoughts from within? No they don’t. They don’t know a thing about you. They know nothing about you. Now it’s Up to you what do you want. Do you want to share your feelings with someone and feel better or do you want to keep writing it in your diary till you die and then die everyday from inside????

If you’ll really be going tomorrow

If you’ll be going tomorrow 

I’m gonna stop this night right here right now
If you’ll be going tomorrow
I’m gonna do all the crazy shit you wanted me to do tonight
If you’ll be going tomorrow
I’ll woo you the hardest tonight
If you’ll be going tomorrow
I’ll have some of your cologne on my shirt tonight
If you’ll be going tomorrow
I’ll crack the lamest joke possible to make you troll me
If you’ll really be going tomorrow
I’ll learn to choose clothes for my own
If you’ll really be going tomorrow
I’ll learn to watch TV alone
If you’ll really be going tomorrow
I’ll learn to eat alone
If you’ll really be going tomorrow
I’ll learn how to fake a smile
If you’ll really be going tomorrow
Only if you will
I will die at the very moment
Not my body but my soul
Burning in 1000 degree Celsius charcoal
I know you’re gonna change your mind and live with me
Throw your bags and sit with me
Have a coffee sip with me
What will I do without myself
Because if you’ll go tomorrow

I know I also won’t be with me…

That fake/False Forever

Air is all smoke

this unlocked bedroom

and you wrapped in white sheet

I cannot see anything beyond you

This silent gaze

Screams louder than anything else

I see stars twinkling in your eyes

Could the moment be more perfect?

Your eyes screams a lot than you usually do

But I can see them peacefully settling with those stars

I can see that satisfaction in your eyes which assures me my next 50 years


With your messy hair

With your failed attempt of a bun

With that breathtaking smile

Are enveloping me in that perpetual embrace

I never want to escape from

Even your embrace promise me a thousand years

I envy my grey shirt

You’re wearing right now

That’s the only thing closer than me

I want to live this moment 


But how can I forget

There’s nothing called forever

The butt of that cigarette I am smoking

Reminds me of my mortality

At the same time when your eyes are promising me eternity…